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In the weeks leading up to the election, I was still mulling over what the meaning might be behind the strange moves of the executive branch and the media. In the chaos that resulted from Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Steve Pieczenik, and Bev Harris’ revelations about the undermining of the election, the con was pushed harder than ever. POTUS was actively campaigning for HRC (on the taxpayers’ dime, which is about as ethical as a Pre-K pizza party at Comet Ping Pong) while denigrating Trump as unfit for office. The media was selling the lie that the election was all but over, and Hillary would soon be coronated. FBI Director Charlie McCarthy (James Comey) put on a curious display of coat-turning and distraction by strategically announcing the renaissance of the HRC email scandal, only to display equally strategic flip-floppery by clearing her name … again (nearly causing riots in both instances). Undocumented migrants … Hang on, let me try that again … [PC Filter: Off] There, that’s better. “Illegals” were being told that voting essentially made them citizens. The cultivated garden of anti-police, and anti-white sentiment was being watered and fertilized on a daily basis. Voter fraud was running rampant. Vote flipping was becoming so prevalent, it may as well have elected its own hashtag. The border agents were given a tag and release policy (the near equivalent of a stand down order), as though the border agents were capturing wild game to be released into a private reserve. We were told the world would face total economic collapse, the degradation of international relations, and World War III in the event of a Trump victory.



For all the cries of “chaos,” the moves of the globalists, parroted by the media, all seemed strangely orchestrated to me. I was convinced that we (the public) were being driven towards an endgame at the election, where the results would be meaningless because of rampant fraud (and claims of Russian hacking), people would revolt, riots in the streets, “retaliation” against Russia, a crackdown on the alternative media, and so much civil unrest that we’d be forced to result to martial law, which would usher in the federalization of the police. I never thought the powers that be would let Trump win, so I envisioned it all somewhat backwards, but my fears were that we were all being herded to one massive false flag.

Needless to say, I was surprised by the outcome, yet somehow more deeply disturbed. I knew the results weren’t accurate by a long shot, so if anyone rocked the boat, it would mean weeks—maybe months—of buildup in a pressure cooker. The front-line movements of the Left were clear, orchestrating “peaceful protests,” reminiscent of a Hurricane Katrina Wal-mart run. This protracted unrest has intentionally been fed by the mainstream media and Leftist groups, who ran craigslist ads to recruit protestors and organizers, then brought in dozens of busloads of paid protesters across the country. Trump has been painted as a fascist, which radicalizes the bleeding hearts, communists, trendies, and lemmings, whipping them into a frenzy. Communists are marching down the streets, armed, and policemen are being ambushed and killed as a result of anti-police propaganda.


And now, Jill Stein acts as Hillary’s asset and proxy by crowdfunding a campaign to demand a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, all states won by Trump (by a wider margin than he lost states like Nevada and New Hampshire). I can only imagine what leverage was applied to the woman who announced that Hillary would be the one to start World War III, but leverage is what these people do best. And I sincerely doubt that the grassroots were the source of the funds, considering she raised somewhere around twice what she managed to drum up for her entire presidential campaign. I’ve come to expect Soros’ name in such instances. On the plus side, I get to come up with a catchy new nickname for Jill Stein. Wait for it … “Shill” Stein.

In the fine print of her fundraising page, it states the the money won’t necessarily go towards recounts. So, in theory, Shill Stein could use the millions in cash to start a foundation devoted to voting reform, appoint herself its head, then have a generous salary for years to come, but something tells me it’s not quite that simple. Of course, with HRC’s participation, it might just be a elaborate effort to cover the tracks of the worst vote tampering. Where’s Occam’s razor when you need it?

This comes on the heels of claims that there were anomalies in the electronic voting machine results. Funny how none of these reports seemed to matter prior to the election, when our president insisted voter fraud doesn’t exist. In fact, I’m pretty sure he actually asked, flippantly, “what is voter fraud?” Anyways, the point is, of course there was vote tampering! And if you open one can of worms, you’re going to have to open the whole crate, because the fraud was pervasive.

Which brings me back to my main point. None of this seems “accidental.” The timing and strategy don’t really make sense. Any attempt to displace Trump at this point will be met with resistance of equal of greater unpleasantness than the #stillwithsatan crowd … (sorry, Freudian slip. You know what I meant.) So the mind starts to boggle as it considers the possibilities. There’s unrest from the left, and the farther left, if Trump retains his position. There’s unrest from the left, right, and middle if Trump is displaced. And since much of the unrest has already been carefully fomented, why should anyone think it won’t be that way if HRC is crowned? Which, again, brings me back to the feeling that this has been planned. And it continues to beg the question, “to what end?”

Surely it’s not all about dismantling the electoral college? Is it about not having to live with either candidate in the end? Will Obama retain power well into 2017 while order is restored. Will dissidents and radicals (and outspoken Trump supporters) end up in FEMA camps? Will the UN swoop in with an international police force to keep the peace within the US? Are measures already taken merely a proactive silencing of dissent? Far-fetched or not, they’re just questions and speculations. I’m trying to find the answer, and I felt it important enough to put out there in case others see something I haven’t.

Or maybe I’m being too cynical. There’s always the chance that the administration coordinated this as a PR stunt in an attempt to recover some credibility for the electoral process. And by targeting states Clinton lost, it satisfies the hunger of the Left for “justice,” then lets them down gently by telling them the election was fair. There’s been so much publicity about voter and voting fraud, and so much civil unrest, that the people could always benefit from a confidence boost in the system, even if it is artificial. I guess we’ll know when the results come in. If we get the all clear, then at least there’s a silver lining to being lied to about it, and maybe the snowflakes will go home and lick their wounds in peace.

All this speculation is an exercise in futility, I’m sure, but “you won’t catch a fish if you never cast the net.” This is me, knee-deep in the river.


(Yeah, I wish this was actually me right now, chilling in the wilderness.) Source:

For God and Liberty,

Jullian Sellars


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