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The US Ministry of Public Enlightenment – Part I

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[Part 1, below, covers propaganda, the media, and the executive branch. Part 2, which covers propaganda and applied sociological theory, can be found here.]

“In a word, they failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.”

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

The world is at war … apparently. It’s a war against misinformation. Or, more accurately, it’s a war against contradictory information. Or, more accurate still, it’s a war over the control of information. A war against propaganda, to be fought with, absurdly enough, propaganda. But if the last six months of exposed corruption, HRC/DNC behind-the-curtain tactics, wikileaks revelations, downright Manchurian statements from Whiskey Hotel, and bogus narratives from the mainstream media have taught us anything, it’s this; if the elites are guilty of something, their first move is to accuse the opposition of that very thing, with verve and vehemence. It’s deflection and projection in their most sinister forms, and “evidence to the contrary” is a pitiably weak defense against it.

We’ve been seeing it in the mainstream media for months (years) now, but it grew into a conflagration after Trump won the election. Now, the powers that be have determined that this loss is directly attributable to a public who was too well informed (“victims” of “propaganda” and “fake news”).  It’s a war of the narrative against the truth; a war where any truth other than the State-sanctioned truth, is the enemy. And as history repeats itself, and the globalist elites see power slipping through their meaty grasp, they are out for blood.

Ironically, it was Infowars who first popularized the movement (in this generation) which the “world” is seemingly at war with. I find it darkly comical that, after all these years, Alex Jones, the pariah of the media, has proven to be frighteningly correct in his assessment of the war on information (among many, many other things). We sit on a dangerous precipice. How is one to determine which “truth” is actually true? My first response to that, is to look at the source(s). What’s their track record for honesty, precision, and accuracy?

We’ve been slapped in the face and stabbed in the chest by the mainstream media, so their track record is laid bare for a thorough examination. New evidence of their corruption and willingness to push a brazen lie (at the cost and endangerment of many lives, for the sake of the narrative) is tube fed to us daily. The government is a little more … sophisticated about its methods though. It uses advanced sociological theory, and buffers, to distance itself from the dirty work, but if one looks, there are glimpses of our government’s methods and intentions everywhere. And it’s about to be so much a part of our everyday lives that only the fully indoctrinated will be too blind to see it. And, as globalization seeks to seize and consolidate absolute power, it’s coming on a global scale.



I read over, and over again, that the media is independent, and acts as a safeguard against state propaganda. And I read that the only US propaganda is to combat misinformation abroad (a remnant of Cold War days, revitalized by the war against the Islamic State). There are clean, reassuring arguments to make these points [1], reminding the citizenry that they’ve nothing to fear from their government. In a word, propaganda. But don’t take my word for it, let’s examine the system which tells us not to fall victim to anyone’s propaganda but theirs.

First, a couple of short videos for your viewing pleasure [subtext filter: “horror”]:

Our State Department insists that there is immense danger in the Russian propaganda machine, which justifies their $100 billion budget to counter the “misinformation.” Keep in mind, it’s our taxpayer dollars that finance this “fight fire with fire” campaign.

Here’s a fine example of the State Department’s propaganda at work. Note that “destabilization” of sovereign nations apparently falls under the category of combatting propaganda.

This is just one example. We’ve actively sought to destabilize the Ukraine (successfully, for a time), Russia (anyone remember Pussy Riot? [2]), Libya [3], Syria, and countless others, and (directly, or indirectly) sought to garner support for military intervention the world over, as evidenced by the Kony scam in 2012 [4].

There doesn’t seem to be much legitimate concern about the same tactics being turned on Americans though. There’s was a little buzz about the death of the Smith-Mundt Act [5], which removed the restrictions placed on the State Department that prevented them from distributing their propaganda within the States [6]. The “reassurance” we’re given is that it really only affects FOIA requests, allowing the SD to share transcripts and copies of things like radio broadcasts. And I hear arguments about today’s media landscape being so diverse and expansive that there’s little danger of the State Department’s generated content even affecting Americans.

But there are many, many more methods of dissemination in use, and with frightening potential for abuse. First, we have to establish (if you haven’t concluded this already), that the media is in bed with the government. Wikileaks is a good place to start [7], but there’s a fundamental proof inherent in the system that’s been refined over the last three presidencies. You can see hints of it in this article by MarinaM, who cites Max Frenkel (a long time Executive Editor of the NYT) in her piece [8]. It all goes back to the control of information. Take POTUS for example. Over time, the seat of office has learned to safeguard all information, and strategically release select information to manipulate public perception. The byproduct (and perhaps the intended result), was the Pavlovian conditioning of the media, who salivate over every morsel, and learn to “play nice” in order to be privileged enough to be granted a scrap.

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama speaks in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. The president will ask Congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts and tax revenue to put off the automatic across the board cuts that are scheduled to kick in March 1. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

At some point, the relationship grew incestuous, as members of the media (and their circles) intermarried with members of the White House, and other arms of the government [9]. This revolving door perpetuates a system of mutual self-interest (and mutual self-destruction if the extent was ever revealed to the masses), which further insures that the flow of information that makes it to the public is in line with the official narrative. It was the death blow for the profession of journalism, but, unfortunately for the American public, it was a gut wound, signaling a slow, agonizing death. And I’m fairly certain it’s gangrenous by now.

The government has a propensity for using proxies to do it’s dirty work. The military favors security contractors, the CIA uses front companies, and the Executive Branch uses the media. But it goes deeper than that. If the media is an accomplice to White House propaganda, then the State Department is the propaganda arm of the government. And it’s a Kraken, with tentacles all over the place.

Before we get started, a little frame of reference: and


This might not be an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. For the State Department, internally, we have:

A) The Global Engagement Center – On the surface, it exists to combat propaganda from the Islamic State, and ISIS-like radical groups. But don’t think for a minute that it’s limited to that scope. As the EU proved today in the video at the top of the article (and here), the prevailing attitude is that Russia is on the same level as ISIS. And recently, they’ve added “countering violent extremism” to their mandate. But hey, I’m sure its expansion will stop there.


See also:

B) The Broadcasting Board of Governors – With a budget of $721 million, you’d think the BBG was broadcasting dollar bills into the air. But no, that’s just the cost of broadcasting freedom to the outside world. It’s a spin doctor of foreign policy, accused of using its broadcasts of internet media, radio, and television to cater to the political goals of the administration, violating the firewall that’s supposed to be in place to prevent political influence. Their response? The BBG is not a journalistic product.


See also:

C) United States Agency for International Development – The USAID handles civilian foreign aid worldwide, including disaster relief, poverty relief, technical cooperation on global issues (including the environment), Socioeconomic development, and, most relevant to the topic at hand, US bilateral interests. That last part has a far reach, to include secret funding for foreign news outlets and journalists; third-party, state-sanctioned propaganda. All told, it burns through about $22 billion a year (as of 2012).


See also:

D) The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs – Universities get oodles of funding for participating in State Department programs. That funding inevitably comes with strings, like leveraging campuses to offer courses in diversity, globalization, and climate change. It’s creating a dangerous system of inherent propaganda, which indoctrinates impressionable young students to the values of the administration. I have read about it many times, but I confess that I wasn’t able to find a reliable source to cite for this claim. If anyone has any information, please share it with me and I’ll update the article. Regardless of my lack of documentation on the point, it’s important enough to include. Propaganda in the education system is a tremendous danger, and the complicity of universities for the sake of tax dollars is hugely unethical.

The BECA has this to say about themselves: “In an effort to reflect the diversity of the United States and global society, ECA programs, funding, and other activities encourage the involvement of American and international participants from traditionally underrepresented groups, including women, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities. Opportunities are open to people regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, geographic location, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. The Bureau is committed to fairness, equity and inclusion.

Artists, educators, athletes, students, youth, and rising leaders in the United States and more than 160 countries around the globe participate in academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges.

ECA serves as part of the Public Affairs arm of the U.S. Department of State. Through public-private partnerships and tax payer funding the bureau manages a host of professional, academic, cultural and athletic exchanges.

Reader 12132014 113647 AM.jpg

See also:

Unofficially, the State Department’s tentacles keep going. And for every connection I find, I can only imagine that there are many, many more that I don’t know about.

The other tentelli … tentaculi?:


A) The National Endowment for Democracy – A private, nonprofit funded by the State Department that uses various methods to promote “democracy” around the globe. It’s subversive tactics earned it a reputation for undermining what it claims to promote, and a ban from activity in Russia. It’s sitting pretty at around $100 million year in taxpayer funds. It’s been called a CIA Trojan Horse on more than one occasion.

See also:

B) Center for International Media Assistance – CIMA seeks to improve the development of independent media worldwide (except within the States, where the mainstream media is well in hand, and the independent media is considered “propaganda”; the irony isn’t lost on me). They do a lot of “research.” I’d love to see it sometime. I’m sure it’s nothing less than the soundest of science.


See also:

C) United States Institute for PeaceThe USIP provides analysis of, and is involved in, conflicts around the world. They are called to “serve the people and the Government through the widest possible range of education and training, basic and applied research opportunities, and peace information services on the means to promote international peace and the resolution of conflicts among the nations and peoples of the world without recourse to violence” The also publish topical newsletters, briefs, reports, guides, studies, testimony, and books related to peace-building and conflict management topics. They also maintain digital collections of peace agreements, oral histories, and information about truth commissions.


More, straight from the Wikipedia page:

Critics say that the supposed peace research “looks more like the study of new and potential means of aggression,” through trade embargoes, austerity programs, and electoral intervention. When it was established in 1984, its board looked like a “‘who’s who’ of right-wing ideologues from academia and the Pentagon,” and the director of the Central Intelligence Agency may assign officers and employees to the Institute. Nearly half its board played a role in Iran-contra operations. The first president was Robert F. Turner, who worked for the State Department arguing for increased aid to the Nicaraguan contras.”

See also:

D) World Health Organization – The WHO is an honorary appendage, due to the enormous State Department funding, and how closely they work together for “common goals.” As far as propaganda goes, take one look at the deceptions about Ebola, or Zika to see the effects of controlled information. But that’s a whole other post, so I’ll save it for later. Just imagine the NWO catering its reports on outbreaks and health risks to be more in line with the shared globalist goals. That’s pretty much what they do.


See also (I’ve added a few more, for your reading pleasure, to show a pattern of corruption, and a willingness to cater its reports to best suit political interests): (see “Office of Human Security”)

E) Amnesty International – AI is a non-governmental organization that promotes human rights. Its objective isto conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.” The human rights game is a whole other post as well, but I can touch on it here. Human rights are an important issue to me, and it rankles to see it used for political purposes, and as a weapon to apply pressure to nations that resist US interests and globalization.


Source: (originally from Amnesty International)

Be sure to check out this article in particular:

Straight from Wikipedia: “Criticism of Amnesty International includes claims of excessive pay for management, under-protection of overseas staff, associating with organizations with a dubious record on human rights protection, selection bias, ideological/foreign policy bias against either non-Western countries or Western-supported countries, and criticism of Amnesty’s policies relating to abortion.

Governments and their supporters have criticized Amnesty’s criticism of their policies, including those of Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Iran, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, and the United States, for what they assert is one-sided reporting or a failure to treat threats to security as a mitigating factor. The actions of these governments — and of other governments critical of Amnesty International — have been the subject of human rights concerns voiced by Amnesty.”


See also:

Much of the State Department propaganda and methods is modeled after the abhorrent group, Media Matters.

Imperative reading:

State-sponsored propaganda is already commonplace, but it seeks total dominance of the full media spectrum. The powers that be have made clear their intent to eliminate competition to their narratives. They’ve already dominated traditional media, and they’re aggressively pursuing the alternative media and social media next [10] [11].

I hope by now you can see the dangers posed by the US targeting its own citizenry with Media Matters style propaganda. The infrastructure is already in place, and the wheels of the machine have started turning. With so many fronts, Americans will be hard pressed to even intentionally find any versions of the news that aren’t State sanctioned, much less be exposed to it through traditional news outlets.

There are already too many examples of the unholy union between censorship and propaganda from the State [12]. President Obama has repeatedly spoken out against “fake news,” in which the left has lumped sources like Breitbart, Infowars, and the like [13] [14] [15].

With America’s increasing complicity in the globalist agenda, we cater our propaganda to fit with the goals of entities like the UN and the EU, and vice versa, giving the illusion of credibility by having the narratives repeated by multiple sources. This is evident in the “irrefutable fact” of climate change as it’s portrayed, which is anything but irrefutable, or fact. Our shared interests in globalization motivate all involved to reinforce that which supports the common agenda.


To be clear, I’m not a climate change denier. I’m a bad science denier, and a “politically motivated agenda” denier, but I can’t refute climate change. I question the integrity of the findings, and yearn for a better, and most importantly, accurate understanding, but the good science—real science—is drowned out by the “official science.” It’s scorned and scoffed for doing its job, because it discredits what we’re told are the only “credible” studies. It’s denied funding, and publication, through political pressure. It fuels climate deniers, and further indoctrinates climate change-ers, preventing either from having reliable access to facts, because it’s difficult for a non-scientist to distinguish good science from bad. Science relies on peer review, and when that process is repressed, and corrupted, it’s no longer science. It’s just well-dressed propaganda.

Here’s a great article on the war on science (perpetrated by both sides of the political spectrum):

Some examples (just of climate claims, not even touching examples of war, defaming foreign governments, etc.) for those that can stomach it:


To find proof that the propaganda program’s reach his been effective, both domestically and abroad, look no further than the minds of our youth, coming fresh from the State sponsored university programs on globalization, society, and the environment.


(Note, I actually like these guys, but they do tend to buy the official narratives, hook, line, and sinker.)

In the interest of showing both sides, here’s a few Young Turks videos. I actually like Cenk Uygur, though we tend to draw different conclusions on the same issues. It serves as an example of what happens to even the most well-meaning of intellectuals once the propaganda has taken effect. The narratives are further propagated by both the well-meaning and the indoctrinated.

Keep in mind, a common tactic for groups like Media Matters, is to accuse the opposite of the very thing the left is guilty of, such as cherry picking data, or corrupt corporate funding. It doesn’t mean it’s not true, it very well may be, but it’s intended to distract and discredit, not address the actual issues. This is just one model the propaganda machine follows.

This was all just to demonstrate the wheels and cogs of the propaganda machine, and the ultimate results. In Part II, we’ll discuss the functions of the machine in more detail, and hopefully arm you to defend against the subconscious influence of social control. Just remember, this isn’t about about defiance. This isn’t a call for social deviance; it’s a call for informed consent. I encourage patriotism, not radicalism. I encourage following the rule of law, and changing the government from within, using the tools provided within the constitution.

I am a proponent of resisting corruption of our system through the dissemination of facts, and information in general. The best way to defend your country, is to do your part in ensuring the citizenry is well-informed, and aware of the propaganda, lest further atrocities occur by an unaware populace. Ignorance and complacency are the enemies of freedom that I propose you fight against, not individuals, or the government. I happen to like our government, imperfect though it may be. Remember, according to our own executive branch, it’s a war of words, of information, not a call to arms. So stay informed. Seek out diversity of information from a variety of sources. And pay close attention to the sources before accepting what you see and hear.

[Continue to Part II]

For God and Liberty,

Jullian Sellars


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