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The Alt-White

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Just a quick note here. I read this article,, and watched the video,

and my first thought was that it was staged. Why? Well, if these people were Trump supporters, intelligent enough to organize an event of this size, record it, blur the faces, and distribute it, surely they were intelligent enough to know that their statements (and mere existence) only hurts Trump, and fuels the racist driven narrative on the corporate media. No one who supports Trump enough to hail him, would risk hurting him politically at the same time. Who would? Why, the same people who planted bird doggers in the crowds at his rallies to incite violence.

Or the same people who distribute fake news stories and quotes from him on social media. The people behind this, and the overall inciting of violent racial tensions, and violent protests, as well as the complicit media, are guilty of nothing less than treason.

For God and Liberty,

Jullian Sellars


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