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The Writing is on the “Wall”

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Philanthropy comes in all forms; humanitarian aid to orphans in Haiti1, Free immunizations in rural areas worldwide2, free blankets to Native Americans to keep them warm3, and hand-crafted sculptures delivered to Troy. In the same vein, Facebook wants to connect the world, with free access to the wealth of human knowledge available through the internet (see also 4, 5, and 6). But why should such a noble gesture be scorned by those who could benefit most from it7? The free world has long been conditioned to the attachment of strings to free services such as Google, Microsoft8, and Facebook, so how is this any different?

Well, when the greatest government-sponsored enemies of freedom the world has ever known9 offer something like “free” internet, our experiences should make us naturally suspicious of what the costs of such a gift might be. Besides the inherent motivation of any business to expand, and stifle competition, with Facebook’s track record for breaking trust with its users, it’s not a great leap to see the writing on the wall.


The fact that Free Basics is so limited is a red flag, but at least it gives us a glimpse of what to expect. When it’s available the world over, who would choose to pay for internet when it’s accessible for free? There’s the bait. When tens of millions—hundreds of millions—of people are relying exclusively on Facebook’s version of the internet, they’ll be far less likely to balk when censorship rears its inevitable head. When other internet providers have gone under (or up in price) due to their decline in customers, it will be that much harder for the poor and rural populations of the world to make a change, even if they want to. And while Facebook locks-in their monopoly, they’ll be working on the back-end to secure the hard-wired internet infrastructure to ensure that, even if you do swap back to the cable, you’re still in the nets of the tech giants and their surreptitious agendas (10  and 11).

When users are reliant on their internet through Facebook (or Microsoft), one corporation controls all available content. If something is contrary to their worldview or agendas, it’s a simple thing to deny access to it, as we’ve seen time and again just on their social media platform. And it’s just as simple to deny internet access to “subversives and radicals” (you know, like Alex Jones, or Gandhi). In fact, let’s take a look at Facebook’s track record (many of which can be found here

The ongoing trend of Facebook censorship.

Michael Savage blocked from sharing negative stories about migrant crime.

Facebook throttles discussion on Hillary’s America documentary.

Facebook deletes page on stopping the Islamization of America.

Facebook censors content critical of migration.

Facebook censors reports of censorship.

Facebook censors pro-Trump content.

Facebook censors conservative content from trending news.

Zuck himself, admitting his intent to censor anti-migrant posts.

All of this is just a drop in the bucket. Facebook has proven time and again to be poor stewards of privacy12 and free speech. I’d go so far as to call them enemies of the First Amendment. Why in the Heavens would we trust them with the whole of the internet?


All of this leads to their most recent mainstream media buzz. Apparently, Hillary Clinton lost the presidency because of rampant “fake news” being distributed through social media13  and 14 (not because she’s a criminal, or because people recognized the lies, or because they were rejecting globalism). The MSM have made a grand show of grilling Mark Zuckerberg for irresponsibly allowing such libelous content (15 and 16). There’s some dark irony in that the claims are 100% true, if turned on their head (but that is their m.o. after all). The MSM has churned out lie after lie, from the manufactured polls all but crowning Hillary Queen, to false narratives about the Fascist, Donald Trump. They’ve colluded with the powers-that-be, the Executive Branch, subversive leftist groups 17, and the Clinton campaign to push these narratives (see the Podesta emails on Wikileaks), painting a picture for the world that looks nothing like reality, all to push their view of the world as it should be. And now that the election’s over, they continue to incite riots, discredit and undermine the president-elect, and, in their death throes, spin tales of a sinister alternative media that seeks to “undermine” the noble profession of journalism.

Facebook has responded with determination to “correct” the problem—so long as it only applies to “radical conservatism” no doubt, and not to the mainstream media (18 and 19). Honestly, it sounds on the surface like an effort to eliminate competition, but one needs not dig long to see that it goes much deeper than that.

Google is also on board with “remedying” the problem20, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, given their own track record of tampering with recommended search results to hide Hillary’s scandals, and to paint her in the best possible light21, and their close ties with the Clinton campaign as revealed by Wikileaks (22 and 23).


Yet all of this easily-verifiable information falls under the category of “vast, right-wing conspiracy,” and the media continues to steer the public away from the glaring truth, often by pointing the finger and distracting the public with their tried-and-true tactics. But none of if can hide the writing on the wall. Nothing is free, and the hand that feeds you is often the hand that enslaves you. There’s a reason I avoid Facebook like the plague. And I encourage all lovers of freedom to do the same.

For God and Liberty,

Jullian Sellars

[Edit: Since writing this, I found this article about the SpaceX plans for the future of the internet:]

[Edit: Found this little gem too. Third party censorship for Facebook. Sounds perfectly harmless. But I’m sure they’d never do it in the US (cough, cough)

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