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Globalist Plan D: What to Do Now That Trump Out-Trumped Them

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So, it’s November 14th, 2016, and the news outlets and bloggers have been in high gear, churning out drivel at record pace1. Those who were paying attention to anything other than the mainstream media (MSM) knew that the polls were oversampling democrats and independents in an effort to suppress right-wing voters2.1, 2.2 . We know that those involved had no fear of this blowing up in their faces, because they had a wave of illegal voters to count on (sanctioned by our current Commander-in-Chief3), 50 or so years of experience with professional voter fraud (“Bring out your dead!”4), and, as a last line of defense, fraction magic to “adjust” the vote totals5. But what to do when the best laid plans of mice [subtext filter: “rats”] and men (forgive me if the term “men” is misogynistic and politically incorrect) fall through?

Well, if you’re a red-blooded [subtext filter: “blood-drinking” – see also: “child-raping”] globalist, you initiate Plan D (Note: This is not what they actually call their plan … to my knowledge). Plan D is what to do when the candidate you selected as Pied Piper, who you identified as your “weakest” opponent6, is still deemed better than you by the American people. Plan D is what to do when you have to put an upper limit on your cheating so that the rioters don’t head in your direction (as opposed to following a different Pied Piper, whose flute plays the Dirge of Soros through inner cities and college campuses across America). Plan D is when your paid shills and Facebook-brand AI (Note: Speculation on my part; the AI could simply be for voter analytics for all I know7) have to troll social media to manufacture the anger using libelous stories about the President-Elect (so carefully planted by the MSM in an “unaware and compliant” populace8).


Plan D is the orchestration of mobs9.1, 9.2, who are inherently irrational, and easily swayed to hate, armed with accusations that Donald Trump represents that very thing, hate. It’s the dissemination of lies, engineered to place fear in the hearts of the naïve, while, in classic, left-wing fashion, pointing the finger to the right and calling them “fear-mongers.” It pounds these carefully crafted talking points into the media, drilling it in until the lie is swallowed whole. For example, a talking head says “Trump’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic fascist,” not deigning to offer genuine evidence, because if they say it enough, and enough people believe it, people will repeat it, likely with more conviction than even the media feigned. And once it’s out there, true or not, it’s next to impossible to eradicate.

Using Soros-sponsored organizations (the exact opposite of “organic”), and threats of mass deportations, Plan D incites racism by crying “racism.” It ever-so-subtly (at times) plants doubt about the validity and veracity of the election results. It questions the fairness of the electoral system10 that’s actually designed to make elections fair. It destabilizes the populace, using the resulting police presence to direct attention to the “necessity” of a federalized police11. It stirs the mob to shout for justice—for the election, and for the other candidate. Using “fixed” election results, it falsifies a popular vote12 to give the angry crowd a justification for protracted protests, civil unrest, property damage, and outright violence13. It takes no responsibility for its treasonous acts, but instead, doubles down on its criminality, forcing the line that Trump is, indeed, the devil14, heedless of the drastic acts it will drive people to. On the contrary, it’s counting on it.


Plan D is a well-thought-out series of events, with multiple threads, and multiple contingencies15, plotted by the most brilliant minds [subtext filter: “evil geniuses] the globalists can offer. It keeps its heel on the media’s throat (those that aren’t willing Subs already), repressing any reporting that contradicts their narrative16. And the media remains complicit, because to jump ship now is to lose everything they’ve worked for17.

For example, Michigan has reported its election results already, and Trump is slated to win all 16 electoral votes18. But the New York Times, CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post (which all sound redundant now that I see them out in a row), all show Michigan as “too close to call.” Why? Even Michigan doesn’t know19. We can take a stab at it though; there’s enough context to make an educated guess.

So long as the popular vote shows the runner-up ahead, despite the electoral college, and so long as the race remains relatively close, the mobs can be fed a fresh supply of fodder for their righteous anger. After all, by technicality, their candidate won the approval—by its loosest definition—of “the most people.” But that lie falls apart in a landslide win by Trump. People won’t fight for the long-term goal of abolishing the electoral college in future elections (or perhaps this one, if they’re feeling particularly ambitious), if Trump wins both by an electoral landslide, and by popular vote. People won’t protest by vandalizing homes20 and cities, burning American flags, or lighting wild-fires if the narrative falls apart (the arson is an admitted speculation on my part, based on circumstantial evidence, but the timing is suspicious21).

And what motive does the left, or the media have to do otherwise, when they’ve already doubled down on the con? The Left can’t afford to lose more voters, and between the DNC leaks, and the Podesta emails, they’ve lost far more than they’d ever admit to. Besides, orchestrated protests like what we’re seeing now are great for drawing in new potential voters (whether they’re here legally or not is inconsequential).

The mob won’t blame white people if it comes out that it wasn’t—and isn’t—about race for anyone but the party they’re fighting for. People won’t “still be with her,” if the narrative doesn’t completely drown out the truth about the Clinton Foundation, Wikileaks, fraud (both voter, and the good old fashioned kind, like with the DNC and Bernie Sanders), collusion, subversive and surreptitious globalist agendas, spirit cooking, child rape, murder, blackmail, social engineering, eugenics, and any other sordid tales of corruption and deceit.


So Michigan will remain “too close to call” while America is pushed towards martial law, and, if our current POTUS is lucky, he’ll maneuver his way into at least a partial third term due to “special wartime powers.” And, if he’s particularly lucky, one of the crazies who buys the “Trump is a Fascist” lie, hook, line, and concrete boots, will succeed in a CIA-sponsored assassination before the inauguration, and “America” will only just manage to avoid the messiness of another state-sponsored cleansing of the White House, like with Kennedy, and Lincoln.

I may be reading too far into this, but when the most powerful people in the world say, repeatedly, that Trump will not be president, and when the MSM lies with such gusto on a daily basis in an effort to sway the public to vehemence, when the left treats ethical lines with utter contempt, and the right seems strangely complicit, and when the justice system of the American government wreaks of corruption on the highest levels in an effort to cover everyone’s tracks, I become a little skeptical.


For God and Liberty,

Jullian Sellars



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